The Mallee


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“Grains taste and perform differently, according to the variety, origin, soil and even the weather in which they are grown,”

Laucke Flour Mills Managing Director Mark Laucke.

The Mallee region: a single and distinct geographic region, covering areas within South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales, which epitomises a unique ecosystem that has become well known as being “The Mallee”. The Australian Mallee vegetation exists in a harsh environment, where the ecosystem has adapted to cope with irregular winter rainfall, frosts and cold nights, hot summers, and bushfires.

Mallee farmers have adapted their farming and cropping systems to complement The Mallee environment, coexisting with and benefiting from their interaction with the natural plant and wildlife ecosystems, protecting as a priority the innate purity and integrity of the Mallee environment as an integral component of maintaining these functions in the region.

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